Jun 12, 2016

2009, I carried my camera bag and my dream I traveled from china to America to start my photography dream. I give up the life that my parents can offer me the comfortable zone to live under my parent care and protect to take a risk and to follow my dream. 2012, I graduated from California States University of Northridge and become a photographer.


There is a peace when I pick up the camera. Through camera I see a bright new world. Every body born for a reason and I know the photography is there for me. Photography now is become my every day daily life. Meeting with my client, hear they story, capture their moment, editing the photos and delivery my client the final art. This is the job Make me feel life again, and I know when I was 70 years old, when I look back, I will with my smile on and fell really happy in my heart and feel my life have the meaning.

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Photo is most magical thing ever in the world. Photo is a time machine that can freeze the moment and let the moment to become forever. Time past so quickly, and every day every moment past by, sometime we barely can have all the memory about everything. But photos are always that thing can bring us back to that moment to cherish what we have.

Even now, when I organize my client photos, every moment is bring back to me, the memory the happy they had at that moment. We, as become each other life, that moment, a passenger of each other life. Sometimes, I do fell emotional when see my past client, I was there, and at that moment to recording they best sweet happiness moment.

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Every client for me is like small journey, I get to know them, get to capture their life moment, and then see them happier with photos to start their new life chapter. Each client made up my life; they are part of my life. They are part of my precious memory.

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I cherish every client that I met, because I believe the destiny, every people in my life have that reason. I was growing up in china, a thousand thousand miles away, cross the ocean. And now I am there, as their photographer. I was that far, but now that close. That’s why I am more cherishing each my client. Because this life I tried so hard to earned for, and this dream I tried so hard to make it come true. Every client choose me because they trust me, with their trust and expect, I want to do everything for them to make sure they have the best photos they want to.

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I want to use my camera to capture that sweetness and lovely moment, and that moment to become forever pass by generation.

Life is so quickly, some time life is stressful, is made us forget to cherish what we have. That moment when you pick up the photos is bring you back that moment, that sweetness and that joyfulness. Either you are couple, family or student, photos along with our all life to recorded the moment that we used to have.

I wish every single time when they see the photos, is always can make them heart warm and smile. I want the photos can bring the energy to make other people happy, to feel the life, to cherish it. Even one day they don’t remember me, but the photo bring them the happiness is forever. I want to be the one who can record other people happiness, and let it become part of their precious life, memory, world.


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