Some Things About Me
Feb 01, 2017

Having a drone feels just like having a pair of wings. To be able to go high up into the sky and experience the world from a bird’s eye view is amazing. It gives me a totally new perspective of this world. My first time flying the drone was super scary and nerve-wracking. Thank god Asian driving skills did not translate over to drone flying. I was worried that I would crash the drone into a tree or building! Luckily, the sky doesn’t have much traffic to worry about. Being on the ground all the time makes me appreciate being able to see this view even more. Having this drone allows me to jump out of the box, gain a new fresh perspective, and discover a beauty of the world I haven’t gotten to see until now.



Riding a horse is a really peaceful and relaxing thing to do. It makes me feel as if I am merging with nature. I love enjoying all of the views while I’m riding. It feels as though my heart has been cleansed and peace has been restored in my mind. It really helps to clear the chaos in my head.



I’ve never been a patient person since I was kid. But when my dad fell into a coma after an accident in 2016, I’ve had to become a stronger woman. When you have no choice but to wait and let time go by, you have to learn to be patient. I also learned patience from on the golf course. I never thought I would like golf because it is so slow and it requires a lot of patience and self-control. When I first got into golf, I remember seeing the people played golf and it was it the first time I felt a calmness in my heart that allowed me to really feel this sport. There are so many elements that can affect your results. To hit a ball perfectly, you really have to slow down and think. You have to be calculating, make comparisons, and build upon your experiences. After you hit the ball, you have time to think and enjoy the view as you make your way over to the next spot on the course. To play golf, you have to be able to enjoy time on your own. I realized that life is a lot like golf. You have to learn to be alone on the road of life. You won’t always have people with you every step of the way. If you want to be successful, you have to be able to face yourself first. Use your heart to learn how to hit your next perfect shot.



Archery is another favorite thing of mine to do. First, let me clarify, I do not shoot any animals! I always use indoor targets, never living things. I usually try to go once a week. I do it to help increase my precision skills. Plus, it’s fun!



I’ve never been a quiet kid. Ever since I was young, I loved to explore and do all of the “dangerous” things. Shooting guns is one of my favorite things to do. You can definitely find me at the shooting range quite often. I have shot both short guns and rifles. Shooting guns requires a lot of concentration and focus. I like the feeling of trying to aim and achieve full focus, where everything settles down to that precise moment. And yes, my shooting skills are great. Check out those marks on the bullseye target! Maybe I do have the talent needed to be a spy, jk.



The ocean always gives me a special feeling. When I was a kid, I almost drowned in a swimming pool. So it took me a lot of time and bravery to get back into the water and learn how to swim. Defeating the fear has always been a challenge but I have overcome it. I always strive to challenge myself. And I’m glad I do because I have gotten to experience some amazing things because of it. Every year, the leopard shark comes into La Jolla. And I got to swim with them! They are very cute. Being able to get close to them is an indescribable feeling. Swimming in the ocean makes me feel alive. It’s as if the water cleanses my soul. Being around the sharks is definitely very exciting! It is one more thing I can check off of my bucket list! HA!