My Photography Studio
Jan 19, 2017

Having my studio has always been my dream since I became a photographer. It’s been a rough year but now after everything has settled it was time for me to take a giant leap. And in the third year of my career, I achieved my dream. When I initially moved to San Diego, I just knew I wanted to have a modern and chic office suitable for this sunny, classy city. The most important factors I took into consideration while picking a studio were: lighting, parking (because OMG San Diego!), interior design, and the overall vibe of the place.


Good lighting is always a must when it comes down to choosing a studio. People always say that lighting is a photographer’s best friend. They say that if you don’t know lighting, then you’re not going to be a good photographer. So, what do I pick? A studio with an enormous side window that lets in all this beautiful sunshine! Natural lighting filling the room just gives me energy and a feeling of hope.

1 1920

I decided on the color scheme of gold, black, and white because these are elegant and classic. Gold has that rich fervor. While black and white contrast, which complements my sharp, colorful photography style. The colors pair well with the wooden floors too, which give the studio a modern, clean look. Live plants make these colors pop and make the studio feel so fresh. So, incorporating these colors into my studio was quite simple. I went to a lot of stores to try to find the best pieces and to create an atmosphere that would make my clients feel comfortable and confident.


Second, parking! Don’t stress! My studio is located in Downtown Broadway. And guess what? We have valet parking! I wanted to make sure that my clients never had to worry about the parking issue.  The location makes traveling convenient since I am right smack in the center of the city. The mall is just right across the street and has all kinds of restaurants and bars. So, if you nervous for a photoshoot, let’s go grab a shot (of whatever your heart desires) and get shooting!


The super fun part of having my own studio is that I get to decorate it the way I want! I spent a month researching different types of furniture and décor to make sure I would create a studio that represented my brand well and made my clients feel at home. Oh, Z Gallery, you’re one of my favorite places on the planet, but my credit card aches at the sight of you.

2 1920

I love to keep things organized, so my desk is really clean. The items I keep on it are also very simple and have a nice design to them. I picked a marbled computer cover because it has such a classic feel to it. And yes, that is a cute little notebook you see! I may be up to speed on tech, but I am an old fashioned kind of girl. I still love getting my ideas down with pen and paper. So a notebook and clipboard are always within reach! Plus, the gold notebook matches the color scheme of my studio. See what I did there? 😉

3 19204 1920

A comfy sofa is an absolute must. Clients need a nice place to sit during meetings. I had some trouble trying to decide between the white leather sofa or clear ghost chairs, but comfort won. But luckily, both options were so stylish! This sofa I got lets my clients feel comfortable while we are talking to each other.

16 1920

Above the sofa are a couple of other simple decorations. I have my beloved Fuji film camera that I use so much. It’s awesome because when I take photos, it can print them instantly! I keep all the photos that have special memories to me in the gold box next to the camera. A physical photo feels different than just looking at the digital files. I can hold them and touch them. Plus, they are so cute and convenient. I can carry them in my wallet, so I can carry my special memories with me wherever I go!

14 1920

Orange and light pink roses have always been my favorite. I just love those colors. I also love baby’s breath because it is simple, pretty, and can match all kinds of other flowers. I like to go the farmer’s market every weekend to pick out fresh flowers to decorate my studio with. Flowers always make me so happy. There is such a beauty to simplicity.

9 1920

Having large photo prints are always a delight to have in a studio. I decided to chose metal prints because they are the best mode of printing and have such a clean quality. Metal prints are made using a dye sublimation process where the images are printed directly onto high quality aluminum. They retain their color vibrancy and come with metal brackets with pre-drilled holes. AKA they will last a long time, the color pops, and they are easy to hang! For my studio walls, I selected a few different wedding shots to showcase my photography style. It’s important for clients to see what your work looks like.

8 1920

When it comes down to the prints for the clients, we offer a professional grade prints because we concentrate in quality more than anything. High quality is of utmost importance to preserve these special memories well. Professional prints display the high resolution and thus have a remarkable sharpness to them. We also provide a customized USB drive to complete the preservation of your files. We put in the effort to make sure that you are satisfied and have high quality results. Memories are precious, so we want to make sure we document these beautiful moments for you to cherish in the years to come! 🙂

17 1920

For basic portraits, we have the classic backdrop colors: black, white, and grey. We also have pink, yellow, and blue to allow for more variety. There’s hangers to hang up their coats and outfits during the photoshoot. And there’s a mirror for my clients to dress up and check themselves out! Go on and work it!

10 1920

In the corner is the refrigerator and all the beverages for my client. The coffee shelf keeps the different flavors of coffee in order. Because who doesn’t want options? The little coffee table with fresh flowers brings out the soul and luscious scents to the whole studio. The coffee machine is my favorite. It was a gift from my sweet client. It is special for me because I am a gift person. Gifts always mean a lot to me. And this is a gift that keeps giving! Both to myself and my clients. A hot coffee in the winter in my studio gives me warmth in my tummy and warmth in my heart.

15 1920

I could talk about shopping all day but on a more serious note, I wanted to talk about a very special item I brought to keep with me at work. This hourglass is incredibly special to me. It accompanied me through an immensely difficult time, which was when my dad got into an accident and fell into a coma. I remember how painful that first week was, each second felt like a knife tearing up my heart piece by piece. I couldn’t understand the meaning of “time”; I didn’t understand the meaning of being patient. But every time I looked at this hourglass, I had to remind myself to be patient, be strong, and to cherish all that I have around me. So, I keep it in the studio with me now, to remind me to appreciate all that I have.

5 1920

And speaking of appreciation, I appreciate all those that come into my life — family, friends, clients. Every person is just like a white canvas board. Each person we meet and friend we make is like a color that you add to your board. The more friends you have, the more colorful your board will become. Each friend adds their own color to your life and through them, you see the world from different perspectives. This board has different elements that represent the important people in my life that I want to remember and cherish. Because of them, my life become more meaningful and colorful.

12 1920

Having a studio is not only an office, or a client meeting place, it is also a space that allows me to be more creative and push myself to improve as much as I can. My imagination never wants to stop. I always want to challenge myself to get to the next level and to see what I can do.

13 1920

This is my studio, this is my world. It is the warm harbor of my heart. No matter what happens, I will always use everything I have in order to protect this place. It is a special part of me that I choose to share with the world. It is my DREAM, my EVERYTHING.