Jul 12, 2017

Boudoir is a beautiful genre of photography because it gives women a comfortable outlet  to embrace their sensuality. It’s a fantastic way to boost your confidence and show off your sexy side! Now it’s time to highlight another gorgeous boudoir babe! Welcome Miss A, aka “Dancing Queen.” I was super excited to do this shoot because Ashlee is a passionate model and dancer with a sunshine personality. It was also a wonderful collaboration of women artists and I feel blessed to be a part of it! I wanted to take the time to introduce all of the lovely women that made this shoot a success!

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With her fiery passion for styling hair and her curling iron ready to work magic, Kachelle Roark was the perfect person to have during this shoot. Originally from Ohio, this determined lady is on a mission to enhance the beauty of the everyday woman by providing excellent hair services. Her work has been featured in Surreal Beauty Magazine, the Ultimate Bridal Extravaganza 2017 of San Diego, and more. She has been a part of many photoshoots and fashion shows. And now she is a part of ours, how exciting!

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Shimmery lips and smokey eyes are the way to go for a boudoir shoot! We welcomed the lovely Rachel back into our studio for another boudoir shoot. It’s time for a proper introduction for this fabulous MUA! Rachel Gallenberger is an award winning and published makeup artist, having been an active professional in the field since 2011. From fashion shows to weddings to tv sets, she has finessed her artistry skills into the magic that it is today. She fell in love with the ability of makeup being able to enhance a person’s natural beauty and seeks to create custom looks as unique as the individual themself. Through the art of makeup, Rachel hopes to always achieve her client’s vision and to bring a smile upon their face.

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Are those cute little umbrellas you see hanging from the ceiling? Yes indeed! All thanks to the vision of the amazing designer Jeanine Reynard. Since her early teens, Jeanine has had a passion for style and design, especially in fashion and furniture. She graduated from SDSU with degrees in Film and Anthropology and has worked in the local film community doing production and wardrobe design for years. And for this shoot, she wanted to reference the playfulness of the 1940s pinup girls through the use of props and background. We all wanted to go for a seductive look with character and style. With its whimsical, bright color scheme, the Asian style umbrellas perfectly fit the flirty, sunny feeling of our San Diego summer.

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And now, onto the model, our beautiful Miss A! Born and raised in our wonderfully sunny city of San Diego, Ashlee Gisele has been modeling since she was 13 years old. Her passion for dance and modeling started when she was just 7. She is half Hispanic and half Pacific Islander. She isn’t just a pretty face but has a pretty soul to go along with it. She has a deep passion for dance and modeling. Her goal is to reflect emotion and to tell a story through these two creative mediums. Also, she hopes to have her own dance studio and dancewear clothing line one day. And what a vibrant personality she has! Her positive energy was absolutely contagious throughout the shoot, from beginning to end.

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Ashlee is an absolute stunner with her cutely curled short hair and coy look in her eyes. She moved from pose to pose so fluidly and gave such vibrant facial expressions. The energy is the room was so alive because of her positive and engaging presence. Being a dancer, she easily gave such dynamic poses and exuded grace. Seeing her feel so confident reminded me of how grateful I am to have a job I love where I get to capture such powerful moments.

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We switched to a pure white backdrop to make the model stand out more. The contrast between the black lacy lingerie and the stark white background made Ashlee the main focus.

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Dragons, flowers, and butterflies — oh my! Ashlee showed off her lovely curves by wearing this satin robe embroidered with intricate dragons. The variety of colorful parasols enhanced the Asian style inspiration we were going for. She looked like an elegant princess embracing her beauty.

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To create an even stronger contrast, we changed the background from white to black. This gives the photos a more dramatic effect.

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Loving these SoCal vibes! We achieved a beachy feel by pairing her beautiful sapphire blue lingerie with the transparent, swirling design of the curtains. It was further enhanced with her wild spirit and dynamic posing. This woman emanates radiant confidence.

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Girl, you’re making me see stars! Ashlee channeled her inner pinup girl with this saucy number. She swayed and tossed her hair along to the music. Of course, we had good jams playing during the shoot, so she could dance her heart out! Seeing me Miss A enjoy herself so much during the shoot reminded me to it is important to embrace yourself and that confidence is key!

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“Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you.”- Lilly Singh


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