Meet Parking
Feb 29, 2016

Parking, my energetic, naughty, yet lovable Siberian Husky that I spotted online and instantly fell in love with.  I just had to have her, so I made the journey to Los Angeles to make her my own at 6 weeks old.  She had 4 brothers and 5 sisters, and was the only pure white puppy in the litter. When I arrived, she was the first puppy that came running into my lap.  Cuddling her in my arms, I brought her back to San diego to introduce her to her new family,  Ticket, her new brother, a Maltese Poodle.

Having a young puppy feels a little like having a new child. The first week is definitely tough. I hold her at night so she would stop crying. Every night I would check on her many times. As a puppy, her energy level was very high! Everywhere she could she would find a space she could explore and even get stuck in. Oh yes…and definitely annoy her new brother Ticket!

She gets a lot of love from me, actually, is extremely spoiled. I spoils her to the max with new toys each week and lots and lots of attention.

She’s definitely cute…very very cute! Everyone that sees her falls in love with her. 

Can’t forget Selfie Time! So photogenic!

She is growing up so quickly, and eats ALOT.  I have to go to Petco every month to get a new bag food. She loves to eat, but she is allergic to chicken, unlucky for her, she can’t eat her favorite food. It’s like torture to sit and watch her brother,Ticket eat chicken flavored food. 

Times flies!  It felt like overnight she grew into a full husky.  Gone are the days of cuddling her in my lap……this big, heavy, playful beautiful lady.

As she continues to grow she turns more and more groovy. One minute she is sitting pretty looking outside and the next minute, she kicks the screen door to escape to the outdoors…….yes, my balcony without screen door.  A new home project! Really girl ?!

I bought a juicy pineapple, and had to wait few days to let it get ripe and sweet.  I am so excited to eat it!  One day I went out for lunch and looked forward to my juicy pineapple for dessert and then is what I came home to.  See this -__-!! When I asked Parking who ate it,  she stared back at me with that innocent face standing proudly over the pineapple with two huge bites out of it.  She is not guilty at all. ” What happened? Uh? Pineapple? Me? No, not me”

And when she doesn’t get her treats she is not happy, and yes, she will show you.

But I still have so much love for her…..she is my baby. She brings a lot of happiness and smiles in my lives.


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