When should we contact you to discuss booking a newborn session?

If you want to book a newborn photography sessions, it is preferred that you contact me at some point during your second trimester. This allows ample time for me to take note of your due date and ensure that my availability is open around that time frame for your session to occur. If you don’t contact me in advance, don’t fret! I tend to do the newborn sessions during insert time here, so it’s often possible for me to fit a shoot in. But the more time I am given, the better! That way I can plan out your session in more detail and make it precisely what you dream it to be. No matter what, you will have adorable photos of your baby that you will get to cherish forever.

When should we schedule our newborn session? And how should we prepare for it?

Once your bundle of joy has arrived, message me to let me know! Then we will both decide on a date that works for everyone. It is best to book the session when your baby is about 2-7 days old. This age is ideal in order to achieve the style of portraits seen in my portfolio. At this age, they are in their cute squishy, sleepy baby mode. Thus, this time frame is when they are the easiest to work with. Although there are exceptions, it is definitely preferred to book the session before your baby is 2 weeks old. This is simply because the older your baby gets, the more energy they will have. They become more aware of the space they have to roam around in, and this alertness can make it more difficult to shoot. In preparation for the shoot, it is best to start the session after your baby has been well fed. Most babies around the specified age range tend to fall asleep after being fed (aka the “milk coma”). It is also advised that you keep your baby awake for a few hours the morning of the session so that there is a higher chance of your baby being sleepy during the shoot. The sleepier the baby, the better!

What should we expect during our newborn session?

We focus on making sure that your baby is warm and comfortable during the entirety of the shoot. Upon arrival to the studio, I will ask for your baby to be dressed in only their diaper, then they will be wrapped up in a blanket to be kept warm as you feed them. Most of the session your baby will be bare but posed in ways to cover them up. But don’t worry, we will make sure your baby is warm and cozy! The studio will be kept at around 85 degrees to allow for a warm environment for your baby. I also use a space heater for the immediate surroundings of your baby to not only keep them warm, but to provide subtle white noise that is calming at that age. A key note is that there will likely be several potty accidents! Everything will be sanitized prior to the shoot. But it is important to have extra towels and wipes handy just in case. Also, I ask that the parents bring spare clothing. Babies drooling are cute, but it can look silly in the photos. During most of the session, your baby will ideally be asleep. This makes it easier to pose them in a variety of positions without having to worry if they will move or be disturbed. If you would like, we can also take a few shots of them when they are awake if the opportunity presents itself.

Are there props available?

Of course!! We do provide all the props, but if there are some baby items you want to bring to include in the shoot, please do! Great items to bring are cute little headbands and outfits. Please let me know of a few color options to use in the shoot that you think would look good in your home. I use mainly neutrals because those tend to match up with most home décor well. Ultimately, it is up to you what you want the end results to look like! My goal is to create images for you to hang up in your home and treasure as your child grows up.

What should we wear?

For the images taken of everyone together, I think it looks especially great when you can see everyone’s bare shoulders. The father can remove his shirt and the mother can be wrapped in fabric. Having everyone look bare like their child makes for a beautiful photograph. However, this is not everyone’s taste and that is totally understandable. The shoot is all about what you want! So for clothing, I recommend solid colors (like black, white, or neutrals) paired with jeans because then the focus is on you and not your clothes. Anything but short sleeved tops are ideal (so dig out the sleeveless, long, and ¾ sleeves!). Also, avoid logos and patterns because those can be very distracting. But regardless of what you choose, definitely have everyone stick to one color palette. It gives off a sense of unity and harmony. And don’t forget the spare outfit!

Can I get shots with my other children?

Yes, family shots are definitely a part of it! If the baby has a sibling, we will take photos of them together in the beginning. If they are under the age of 10, then I ask that you only bring them for the first 30 minutes of the session, so that we can focus on your newborn. Please do not bring extended family to the shoot unless they are driving you to the studio. I ask this because there is limited space in the studio and it is best to have as little distractions as possible. If you would like to take photos of your extendedfamily, feel free to discuss separately booking a family photoshoot with me.

 How long will the session last?

A newborn session will typically run anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half . However, it usually takes longer if we do family shots as well. Your baby is the one calling the shots though. We will take breaks to allow time for feeding and comforting the baby when needed. This time frame generally allows for me to do various poses and set up a multitude of compositions. Multiple shots will be taken and this generally results in a gallery of about number# images. There will be the “classic” portrait shots taken against the backdrops, 2-3 set-ups using the selected props, and the family/sibling shots. Although there is an estimated time frame, these sessions are never rushed because we want to ensure that the best images are captured.

When should we expect our photo package to be ready?

I know how eager parents get to see photos of their beloved baby, You will be contacted when your photo session is complete. The finished photos will be uploaded to a private gallery for your viewing within 1-2 weeks after the session. Once uploaded, the photos will be available for one week. During this time, we will be in touch so that I may help you with your order and let you know what other products are available to you. There are extra services, such as photo albums and slideshows, which are available to you upon request. We want to make sure that you receive the highest quality photos of your sweet baby that you can cherish for the years to come. We are here for you and your baby’s journey, every step of the way.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Aaron Siskind

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