Apr 22, 2016

Everyone needs to satisfy their sweet tooth once in awhile. And I found the perfect place to satiate my craving. Extraordinary Desserts. This place is well­known for its sweets and now I understand why. Walking in, I was mesmerized by its design, atmosphere, and the alluring sugary scent. It was so hard to pick from their wonderful menu, but I managed to narrowed it down to the Toasted Macadamia Caramel Cheesecake, White Chocolate Cheesecake, and Pavlovas. Lucky #3, right? 😉 I fell in love with each one. Every bite was so lovely.

Logo Extraordinary Desserts 2

The outside of Extraordinary Desserts is super chic. It has that minimal black and white look to it but also has intricate patterns. The inside of the store also has a great aesthetic and is organized into sections. Yes, the sweets have their own sections. Chocolate bars, cakes, tea leaves, and more! It even has a bar area for those that want to enjoy a glass of wine with their dessert. This place is like an adult version of a candy shop for kids. I totally cannot wait to bring my friends here and have a girl’s night.


Logo Extraordinary Desserts 11

The décor inside has a cute spring vibe, with pops of yellow furniture, a lotus­shaped mirror, and small raindrop holes cut into the walls. I definitely want to revamp my place after seeing this. Pinterest, here I come!


Tea is right up there with sweets in my book. Tea is a big part of my culture, so I was delighted to see that this restaurant dedicated an entire section to it. I was blown away by the amazing tea display they had. There are so many types of tea, so definitely sample some and you’ll be sure to find one you love. There’s nothing like a warm cup of tea for those cooler days. And iced because we live in sunny San Diego!



Everyone relaxes in their own way. Whether it be hiking, watching a movie, painting, or listening to music. For me, eating is relaxing. When I take a bite of cake, all my cares in the world just float away and I’m sailing on Cloud 9. Eating these sweet treats definitely felt heavenly. Now I’m sure you all are wondering how the desserts I got tasted, so here are dangerously delicious descriptions of each…

Logo Extraordinary Desserts 54 copy


This creamy cheesecake is surrounded by luscious caramel sauce. One side of the cake has a crispy macadamia shortbread cookie crunch. The crunch blends so well with the softness of the cake beneath. The whipped cream on the top gives the cake a milky sweet flavor. For the final touch, the cake is topped with a fuchsia colored hibiscus, which gives it a perfect little tropical touch. Beach party, anyone?



This cake has a sweet flavor that matches the softness of it. If you dip a piece into the marbled raspberry sauce and chocolate syrup around it, it gives it a more sour and creamy taste. Topped with chocolate shavings and a sprinkle of raspberries, it tastes amazing. And look at those beautiful swirls!



When you first see the Pavlovas, the words passion and energy come to mind. It has a crisp meringue shell, decadent cream, and juicy fresh fruit. The sauce that surrounded it had lovely heart designs drawn into it. It was so pretty, it was almost hard to eat it! But who could resist?


Extraordinary Desserts is now one of my favorite stops for sweets. Their desserts have such delightful flavors and are so elegantly presented on the plate. Each one is like a unique work of art, made with intention and designed from the heart. They use high­quality ingredients and have excellent craftsmanship. This is one book you can judge by its cover. Beautiful inside and out! If you’re on the hunt for a perfect dessert to share with friends, why wait? And to all the brides out there, they make wedding cakes as well. 😉 If you’re ever near Union Street or Fifth Avenue in downtown San Diego and your sweet tooth starts crying for attention, you know where to go. 🙂


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