Chasing Adventures: Red Rock State Park
May 30, 2016

Last week, my friend Mikka and I decided to travel to Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona. It’s located right where the southernmost tip of the Sierra Nevada high fives the El Paso range. Sedona is a cute little town cradled snug in the desert. Although the town may be small, this park is huge! Acres upon acres filled with hiking, biking, and trails-oh my! We were even more excited because we heard that it’s famous for its natural red stones and amazing rock formations. It sounded like such a cool place to visit, so one day we just decided to pick up and go! We were craving an adventure. Spontaneity for the win!

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We left San Diego at 6am and we were on the road for about 7 solid hours. The drive was brutal, but the views we experienced at the park were totally worth it. The sights we saw were so incredible. From the vibrant green of the grass to the pure reds of the desert stones. The sky was so crisp and it was bluer than any city sky I’ve ever witnessed. Nature always amazes me.

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Climbing our way up a mountain was definitely a must. Making our way to the top wasn’t easy though. It was harder than I thought it would be. We had not only the hiking gear, but also the camera equipment. Cameras are a lot heavier than people think! And by the time we got to the middle of the hill, my water bottle was already halfway empty. Luckily for us, it was a cloudy day when we decided to hike the eagle trail. Imagine if it had been as hot as it usually is. Thank goodness for clouds! It was difficult, but excitement filled our bodies to the brim and we were ready to conquer anything that came our way. Mikka and I made it! You go, girl!


When we arrived at the top, it was absolutely magical. I felt that sense of awe that is difficult to put into words. The view that my eyes held there. Being surrounded by all that is natural. It was beautiful. The mountain, the trees, the rocks-sitting there looking at all of this was such an enjoyment. There was a sense of peace being there, out of the city, the noise, the packed-in stress. To just sit there and watch the mountain and look back down at the trail that we just traversed produced the feeling of true success. We put in a lot of effort and were rewarded with such a calming beauty when we arrived at the top.

Climbing these trails and being in all this nature really made me stop and think. Life is just like hiking. Everyone is trying to get to the top and the road may be bumpy and uneven, but you can make it if you are determined. With enough passion and drive, you can reach your goals.

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Going through the park and looking around, I could definitely see how it got its name. The red color and structures of the stones were beautiful. It was also fun to look at the clouds and look for shapes, like we used to do when we were little. Well, hello there Mr. Elephant and Snoopy! ☺


Sun, clouds, wind, thunder, rain. Snow. Wait, what? YES, SNOW! Sedona definitely did not disappoint us. We got to experience snow in the desert! In boiling hot Arizona, of all places. We were lucky girls, getting to enjoy all the little surprises that Sedona could give to us visitors.



We ended up spending the night there at Sedona and it wasn’t as chilly as we thought it would be. I was happy about that because I was not looking forward to how cold it might get. I’m definitely more of a sunshine kind of girl. Another thing that was awesome was that it wasn’t polluted like cities usually are, so the night air was so fresh and the sky was such a pretty deep blue. It felt sooo calming to be there. My mind had time and space to feel cleansed and at peace. It was also exciting because we got to enjoy the stars and try out some night photography! Good night and so long, Red Rock State Park! Until we meet again…

This trip was such a fun experience and it ignited a spark in me to go on more adventures. Watch out world, I’ve caught the Wanderlust Bug!

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