Feb 18, 2016


July 12, 2017

Boudoir is a beautiful genre of photography because it gives women a comfortable outlet  to embrace their sensuality. It’s a fantastic way to boost your confidence and show off your sexy side! Now it’s time to highlight another gorgeous boudoir babe! Welcome Miss A, aka “Dancing Queen.” I was super excited to do this shoot because Ashlee is a passionate model and dancer with a sunshine personality. It was also a wonderful collaboration of women artists and I feel blessed to be a part of it! I wanted to take the time to introduce all of the lovely women that made this shoot a success!

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My Wedding Gear

February 26, 2017

As many of you might know, I have a major sweet tooth. And honestly, shopping for camera gear makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop! There is such a wide variety of equipment available for all of your photography needs. Whether you’re shooting headshots or landscapes, indoors or outdoors, there are so many different scenarios and different gear needed depending on what your style requires. The primary part of my business is shooting weddings, so I have built up the perfect setup to accommodate this!

Some Things About Me

February 01, 2017

FLYING DRONE Having a drone feels just like having a pair of wings. To be able to go high up into the sky and experience the world from a bird’s eye view is amazing. It gives me a totally new perspective of this world. My first time flying the drone was super scary and nerve-wracking. Thank god Asian driving skills did not translate over to drone flying. I was worried that I would crash the drone into a tree or building! Luckily, the sky doesn’t have much traffic to worry about. Being on the ground all the time makes me appreciate being able to see this view even more. Having this drone allows me to jump out of the box, gain a new fresh perspective, and discover a beauty of the world I haven’t gotten to see until now.

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